2012 LCCT Committee

     Kim Taylor
Vice President
     Bob Marshall
     Tony Mc Guinness
     Rosemary Taylor
     John Palmer
Club Captain
General Committee:-
     Troy Bailey
     Brian Dunstan
     Allan Marshall
     Norma Marshall
     Geoff McGregor
     Micheal Mc Kay
     Bradley Newell
     Nathan Sutcliffe
     Bill Rattray
     Brett Woolcock


Hall of Fame Recipient


A long time member of the LCCT has been inducted into the Tasmanian Motor Sport Hall of Fame.

Brian exemplifies the values, commitment and dedication in the true tradition of sportsmanship, having been involved with the City South Football club, fishing clubs, plus several other organisations, all the while maintaining his commitment to C.A.M.S. covering 50 odd years and includes all aspects of the sport through competition, administration and the much appreciated mentoring which continues today.

His involvement with CAMS and motor sport commenced in 1956, and for many years competed as a navigator in the Tasmanian Club and Rally Championship also driving in hill climbs and races.

He is a long-time committee member of our club, the Light Car Club of Tasmania Brian was part of the establishment of the famous Longford circuit; he was the Chairman of the LMRA Motor Racing Committee for over 10 years.

Also serving as a Board member of the Tasmanian Motor Racing Company, the original company which organised and conducted national and local racing.

In addition to all his commitments he acted in almost every aspect of motor sport, from flag marshal to Senior Steward at major national and international events. He became a CAMS National Councillor for Tasmania from 1963 continuing until 1971, he was elected President of CAMS, serving in this hectic position for 4 years.

Presented with the CAMS Award of Merit for his outstanding services to motor sport in 1976, Brian continued his commitment to CAMS serving as the CAMS National Councillor for Tasmania from 1979-1993, 1997 and 2003. He then becomes the Alternate Delegate for Tasmania to the Board of CAMS.

Never one to let his love of our sport wane, he continues to serve the sport by providing much needed leadership and freely sharing of his valuable experience and knowledge to all motor sport members.
After 50 odd years dedication to our sport Brian has been recognised for his service, encouragement and assistance to all levels of motor sport.

The Light Car Club of Tasmania is proud to have Brian as a member of our club and thank him for everything he has done for motor sport in Tasmania and indeed Australia, if we – the motor
sport community – people such as Brian in our sport, it may well have fallen into  the history books many years ago.

Thank you Brian and congratulations on this honour, you really deserve it.


28th of April 2012

For those of you that missed this top day of motor sport missed out on a lot of fun and high jinx.
Despite the strong wind which was 2 degrees above freezing, it was a good dry day. The wind was so strong I nearly lost Brian Dunstan as we set up the tests, seriously it was blowing at about 40 or 50 kms per hour, and made a big difference to the lap times later in the day, as it was blowing straight south down the back straight. The committee put on a day of “Auto Tests” on the tarmac behind the garages, and several on the track itself, with a standing quarter from the hairpin down the back straight.

Passengers were allowed to “navigate” the driver through the tests, even so some got it wrong, but this did not discourage them they kept coming back. All but 1 or 2 entries had three runs at all the tests. It was very entertaining to watch some of the competitors using the different approaches to these tests; we had heaps of wheel spin, some very clever sideways action, a couple of spin outs. Several drivers left their cars on the rev limiter and just went for it. Very spectacular. We had are couple of people that were first timers to this type of event namely Glen Marshall in the ex VL Commodore of his cousin Alan Marshall – Yes another Marshall – and trust me from the grin on his face I bet that he and his daughter will be back, another was Kevin Goldsmith in the Nissan 300ZX who actually checked his tyre pressure and did a little preparation on the car for this event, Kevin will be back.
To watch the likes of Dennis Howard, Adrian Mills, Michael McKay and Matt Ryan going around in and out of the cones was a joy.

Young Bill Rattray in his Subaru WRX RA strapped Karen Baker into the spare seat and took her for an exciting ride through the tests; Karen was not feeling 100% after the fifth test. It was very unfortunate that the day only attracted 14 entries; however the competition was fast and ferocious, with the red mist of competitiveness coming down on all 5 sets of super sprints were run and again despite the strong wind blowing head on down the back straight all put in some good times. Everyone behaved themselves and put on the entertainment for us to enjoy.

1. Bill Rattray Subaru WRX RA 2000 C 1:01.5300*
2. Dennis Howard Nissan 350Z 3500 D 1:02.5600
3. Nick Warmsley HSV GTS 5700 D 1:04.6100
4. Matt Ryan Holden Torana 5700 D 1:04.6300
5. Adrian Mills Mazda RX7 2600 D 1:06.9900
6. Michael Lowe Mitsubishi Evo VIII 2000 C 1:08.7700
7. Michael McKay Toyota Starlett 1498 B 1:12.3500
8. Anthony Prins Holden Torana 5000 D 1:14.5400
9. Paul Spencer Datsun 240Z 2800 C 1:15.9800
10. Kevin Goldsmith Nissan 300ZX 3000 C 1:21.4400
11. Glenn Marshall C’dore VL 3000 C 1:26.2400